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4 Safer Ways to Prep and Show Your Home During COVID-19

May 8th, 2020 2:33 PM by Margaret Michelle Williamson

If you’re currently selling—or preparing to sell—your home, the coronavirus pandemic is likely having an impact. From limiting in-person visits to passing out hand sanitizer, there are a few things you may already be doing to protect yourself and your family. At the same time, being home 24/7 can also affect your ability to have a stress-free showing of any kind. Fortunately, there are safer ways to clean, prep, show, and ultimately sell your home.

First: Tackle Projects to Boost Value

In many markets, coronavirus is causing a bit of a slump. Since home values may fluctuate—and buyers may be pickier—Tool Review Lab notes tackling some well-chosen tasks that improve your property is a smart first step for sellers.

Hiring out tasks like painting your home’s exterior or landscaping is still a possibility with lockdown restrictions in place. Many of these businesses are considered essential, and if all the work is outdoors, you can rest easier. Social distancing is also easy to do with virtual contract signing and e-pay options.

But you can also DIY changes like establishing a home office space or relaxing master suite. Adding a coat of interior paint or rearranging the furniture are cheap fixes that can refresh a space. These changes can serve you well over the short-term and appeal to prospective buyers, too.

Second: Have a DIY Plan for Keeping Up with Clutter

Just as points out, selling your home while you’re living in it is a challenge. But selling it while you’re living, working, schooling, and everything else at home can make it feel impossible. To that end, it helps to have a plan for keeping up with clutter.

Using attractive baskets or storage bins can offer a place to stow everyday items during showings. Stowing items in your car is another helpful trick. But it’s also worth tackling decluttering as part of your pre-move checklist.

You may not be able to hire out help during this time, but developing a personal decluttering plan can mean an easier transition out of your current home. And, when it comes time to move, you have less to pack—and it will be easier to get organized in your new place, too.

Third: Don’t Skip Staging (Even for Online Showings)

Even if all your showings are virtual-only, staging still matters. Keep a staging checklist on hand for a quick run-through before switching on your camera. Ensuring every room is at its best helps make a good first impression on potential buyers.

If you’re hosting a video tour, you’ll still need to prepare the bedrooms—the master especially—to show off their best features. You can also try virtual staging to showcase the space in new ways. This strategy is ideal for 3D home tours and other presentation-type showings. Using online tools, you can manipulate images, place furniture, and highlight the home’s best features.

Fourth: Get Show-Ready in a Snap

When it’s time to answer a client showing call, you need to be prepared. Regardless of the format, good lighting will remain crucial for every virtual showing, real estate photo shoot, and any pre-recorded or digital tours. Aim for natural light wherever possible, notes Sprout Video, but also keep an eye out for glare or blue light that can affect the view.

Choosing your platform is another consideration. Zoom is a popular video conferencing tool—and it’s compatible with most systems, including iOS, iPadOS, and Android. But Skype, Google Hangouts, and other video chat platforms offer similar features on your smartphone or tablet.

To avoid having your kids underfoot during video chat showings, have a plan in place well in advance. Consider sending them to the backyard if possible, or set them up in a remote part of the house with a good distraction. Queue up the appropriate entertainment, set out mess-free munchies, and run through your final prep before beginning a tour.

Selling your home during a nationwide health crisis may not be the ideal scenario. But by preparing ahead of time and knowing what to expect during the virtual selling process, you can keep your family safe and stick to a routine that works. Then, all that’s left is to close the sale you’ve been waiting for.

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Posted by Margaret Michelle Williamson on May 8th, 2020 2:33 PM


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