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5 Steps to Staging Your Home on a Budget

January 8th, 2020 8:37 AM by Margaret Michelle Williamson

5 Steps to Staging Your Home on a Budget


When you decided to put your house up for sale, you were probably hoping to make money, but sometimes, the selling costs can really add up. Paying for necessary repairs and working with a realtor can cost you a pretty penny, and even though your home might need a makeover, you may be hesitant to shell out the cash for a professional staging.


However, if you need to spruce up your home before it hits the market, you can do so on a budget and save on staging costs. Here’s how to wow potential buyers when they walk through the door.


Scope Out Other Houses

If you’re almost ready to put up that “For Sale” sign, but you feel totally lost when it comes to staging ideas, find a little inspiration from other houses for sale. Look up similar homes listed in your neighborhood around the same price range, or look at the average home sale price in Arcadia, which is $133,000. Study the photos online, and take notes if you like what you see. Better yet, swing by open houses in your neighborhood if you have some free time. You can get a feel for the kind of decor that makes a house look more appealing to potential buyers.


Declutter Every Room

Perhaps you’ve returned from an open house with a long to-do list for your own home, but before you dive in, it’s time to declutter. Set aside a weekend to focus just on decluttering each room of your house, from the bathroom to the kitchen to the walk-in closet in the master bedroom. Anything you don’t sell, donate, or throw away, you’ll need to pack up and store properly, so think carefully about which items you really need to keep.


Once you’ve decided what will stay and what has to go, do not shove your personal items into dressers and hall closets, as buyers will often open them and look around during viewings. Instead, ask a neighbor if they have some space you can use temporarily, or organize your boxes in a corner of your garage, where they will be out of sight.


Deep Clean

Now that all of your clutter is out of the way, get out the rubber gloves and sponges - your home needs to be deep cleaned before you welcome any future buyers. Before you schedule any viewings, make sure that every surface in your home is sparkling, there are no pet hairs clinging to the couches and carpet, and each room smells clean and inviting (an essential oil diffuser can do the trick, which you can get for around $40 on Amazon).


Don’t ignore odd nooks and crannies, because you never know what possible buyers might notice. According to U.S. News, people often forget to clean ceiling fans, underneath appliances, door knobs, and light switches.


Create Space

Some sellers will buy new furniture solely for staging their home, but if you’re on a budget, this is probably well out of your price range. However, you can rearrange your furniture to open up a room and create extra space for people to move. Arranging your furniture strategically can make it look like the room has expanded by a few square feet. In addition, True Value recommends a fresh coat of paint in cool shades like blue or green to make a room look more spacious.


The Finishing Touches

Finally, you’ll need to depersonalize your home by taking down any personal items. For example, all of the family photos on your living room mantle, as well as your kids’ doodles hanging on the fridge need to be stowed away for the time being. Buyers want to be able to envision themselves in your home, so making it a neutral space can help you sell faster. Replace these sentimental items with natural decor like small houseplants or supermarket flowers in complementary colors.


Yes, selling your home will likely result in profits - but initially, the process can cost more than you think. Thankfully, staging a home does not have to be an expensive endeavor. If you get creative and thrifty, you can transform your home without any financial stress.


 Source: Alice Robertson



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Posted by Margaret Michelle Williamson on January 8th, 2020 8:37 AM


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