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Budget-Friendly Ways to Build Your Smart Home from the Ground Up

February 4th, 2020 9:55 AM by Margaret Michelle Williamson

Budget-Friendly Ways to Build Your Smart Home from the Ground Up


Today, there are so many options when it comes to smart home technology. Sure, you can buy a slew of smart home components at once and connect all of them together through a hub. But this is quite an expensive and time-consuming way to build your smart home from the ground up.


Begin with a Smart Strategy


Obviously, doing this the long, expensive way isn’t very time- or budget-savvy. The more economical method is to purchase only the most essential smart home products—items that will provide you with most of the advantages of a fully-stocked smart home but require less money and time. Choose products that are compatible with one another (i.e., Apple, Google, or Amazon products), and you can build a sufficient smart home infrastructure in no time.


Here’s the best part about building your smart home this way: Most, if not all, of the components are affordable. And if you shop at big retailers like Best Buy, you can apply principles from Rakuten’s Best Buy shopping guide to drive the prices down even further. For instance, Best Buy shoppers can get free shipping on online orders over $35, browse great deals by downloading the Best Buy app, and find tons of clearance items at the Best Buy Outlet.


With smart strategies in place, start shopping for these essential components:


Smart Security


Nothing is more important than ensuring that your family and property are secure. All About Security explains the home security industry is now lightyears ahead of what it used to be, and thanks to these smart home security trends, you no longer have to invest in an all-inclusive package.


These days, you can mix and match various security components to design the ideal situation for your household. Smart home security devices allow you to make it look like you’re home when you aren’t, alert authorities in certain circumstances, and they can tell you if there is a problem. Components to consider are surveillance cameras, window and door sensors, doorbell cameras, and motion detectors. Obviously, securing your home and your valuables is a great way to protect your finances!


Smart Thermostats


With a smart thermostat, you can keep your home comfortable and save money at the same time. Simply program what you want the temperature to be at any given time of day, such as leaving it warmer when you’re not at home in the summer or lowering the temperature around bedtime. Or, you can manually control the thermostat from your smartphone or other devices. Nest, Ecobee, and Netatmo make some of the most popular products.


Smart Lighting


LED light bulbs are more efficient than the fluorescent bulbs of the past, and FluxSmart notes smart LED light bulbs are even more efficient. Through an app on your smartphone or by speaking to a smart speaker, you can control every smart light in your home.


Smart Speakers


A smart speaker is one of the most practical smart home components you can buy because it can be used to control most, if not all, of your other smart home components. In the most basic sense, a smart speaker serves as a sort of personal assistant. This way, if you left something running in another room, you can just tell your speaker to turn it off.


Along with controlling your other smart devices, it allows you to carry out a number of other tasks (e.g., stream media, set reminders, find recipes) using only your voice. It’s a potential money- and time-saver, since you don’t need to power up another device for things like checking the weather.


Don’t get overwhelmed by all the smart home options available these days. By purchasing these components over time, you can build a smart home that provides all the safety, convenience, and comfort you need. And you can do it on a budget!

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Posted by Margaret Michelle Williamson on February 4th, 2020 9:55 AM


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